Cranberry Spice Shea Butter Soap Shea Butter Soap, Scented Fallen Leaves, colored naturally 4+oz bar

Cranberry Spice

Our Price: $6.00

Fallen Leaves

Our Price: $6.00
Sale Price: $4.50

The Fallen

Our Price: $8.00
Sale Price: $7.20

Peppermint Bark

Our Price: $6.00

Red tart cranberries and a hint of mulling spices scent this soap just like a bowl full of fresh cranberry sauce. Colored a spicy orange with red cranberry balls this is a fun and comfy soap.

With all the intense colors and wonderful scents, cool air and blowing leaves; Fall is our favorite time of year! This soap celebrates the Autumn season. With all the moisturizing Shea Butter in here, you can bet it will keep your skin soft in spite of the cool weather and the scent will take you right to your favorite leaf pile!

Legend has it that even good angels go bad, coveting earthy pleasures and debauchery instead of a goodly existence. Those that strayed were sentenced to burn for eternity. The potent, smoky aroma of this bar could entice you to a life of reckless abandon, but we’ll advise you to just enjoy the lather.

This soap smells like peppermint candy canes crumbled over smooth melted white chocolate. Just a warning; it's for washing, not for eating!