Limited Edition: Fall Scents!
Pumpkin Pie Buttermilk, Macintosh Apple and Fallen Leaves!
Get them before they are gone!!

Shea Butter Soap, Naturally Colored, Fragrance Oil, Macintosh Apple, Red 4+ oz Shea Butter Soap, Scented Fallen Leaves, colored naturally 4+oz bar

Macintosh Apple

Our Price: $6.50

Fallen Leaves

Our Price: $6.50

Beautifully red and smelling just like a hand picked apple, this shea butter soap is amazing for your skin! You will enjoy it even more with the dry fall air! With a truly luxurious and moisturizing lather, skin smoothing texture and a wonderful fragrance, you are going to love this soap as much as we do!
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A version of our Sea Salt Spa Bar - minus the sea salt and adding luxurious Shea Butter! The scent is identical, but we thought we'd put it in our signature Shea Butter soap formula. Bubbles, Bubbles and more Bubbles and lots of skin loving oils in this one, with the relaxing Lavender, Bergamot and Sage essential oil blend. This is a great soap!

With all the intense colors and wonderful scents, cool air and blowing leaves; Fall is our favorite time of year! This soap celebrates the Autumn season. With all the moisturizing Shea Butter in here, you can bet it will keep your skin soft in spite of the cool weather and the scent will take you right to your favorite leaf pile!