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The Gravedigger

Our Price: $8.00

The Horseman

Our Price: $8.00

Winter Woods

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Our Price: $6.00
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The Bride

Our Price: $8.00

His job is to bury the dead but his business is much more sinister. Illicit dealings with the town doctor might leave you with less in your coffin than you started with. His permanent fug of grave dirt, crypt moss and disturbed grass will stick with you all day after showering with this soap.

Rattling trees, howling wind, phantom hoof beats and the creak of leather…. No story is more goose-bump worthy than the tale of Sleepy Hollow. Our soap will take you to that dark New England forest with the scent of dank night air, flickering campfires and old saddle leather where the Hessian rides in search of his head. The only thing missing is a grinning, ghoulish pumpkin.

This scent will make you want to get your skis out! Fresh, woodsy and snowy, this soap will wake you up like a cool frosty morning on the slopes.

She was Frankenstein’s second creation, made for only one reason. Hence, we commemorate her tragedy in a soap with one scent – night blooming jasmine - dark, decadent and distinctly feminine.