Lavender Goats Milk Soap, no color added, 4+ oz bar Goats Milk Soap, Naturally Colored, Light Natural Scent, Oats and Honey, 4+ oz Cranberry Spice Shea Butter Soap

Lavender Goats Milk

Our Price: $6.50

Oats n Honey Goats Milk

Our Price: $6.50

Cranberry Spice

Our Price: $6.50

A perennial favorite, this soap is always on our menu. Soothing lavender essential oil mixes with creamy skin-loving goats milk to make a delicious bathing experience. We do use a mix of Lavender and Lavandin Essential oils to make this soap. Each has it's own beneficial use but together they keep your favorite lavender scent going strong from start to finish. A very important quality in this bar. This bar is made with no added color to keep it simple and soothing for your stressed out skin.

A wonderfully creamy blend of pure goats milk, honey and ground oatmeal. We have used absolutely no fragrance or essential oil in this soap but it still has a slightly sweet and comforting smell. This is one of our simplest soaps and always one of our favorites. It will leave your skin smooth, soft and moisturized after use. Perfect for sensitive skin!

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Red tart cranberries and a hint of mulling spices scent this soap just like a bowl full of fresh cranberry sauce. Colored a spicy orange with red cranberry balls this is a fun and comfy soap.